Site transfer.

The blog will be on hiatus for a few days as it is in the process of being transferred to a new server, away from WordPress. I am sure you all understand the reasons why. There will be a new podcast going up today or tomorrow but it won’t be announced here.

See you on the flip side.

Emily Hart dies in e-scooter accident.

When I first heard the news that everyone’s favorite Youtube personality Emily Hart had died in a tragic e-scooter accident I obviously felt some degree of regret for her and her family and loved ones. No matter how deluded she had been in life and no matter how poor her personal choices, she had a right to live and exist just as much as anyone else does. So for her to die in such a manner is terrible. May she rest in peace.

However, in her brief life there are lessons to be learnt for young women. I watched her final video that she put up only a few days before her untimely accident. It’s quite short and to the point. In it she shared her top 10 reasons for dating a younger man.

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Workplace MGTOW.

A Republican candidate for the governor of Mississippi has infuriated people with vaginas everywhere for publicly stating that he will not allow female journalists to shadow him on the campaign trail as this is not permissible by his religion. As he is a Christian this means that his act is worthy of public ridicule. If on the other hand he were a Muslim then his announcement would have been greeted with the public sensitivity that it deserved.

Females who profess to write words have gone to the mattresses in an all out attack on Robert Foster’s credibility as a man. Apparently he is scared of women; he is scared of his own potential misdemeanors; I assume that they have declared that he is scared of his own shadow. For only a scaredy-cat pretend male would have to resort to so pathetic a move. There is simply no other possible explanation.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The stay classy edition.

Do you have your favorite beverage at hand? Are you comfortable and relaxed on your settee? Is your faithful hound at your feet, a relaxed and yet expectant look on his face as he patiently waits on your every whim? Is it a bit stormy outside, the rain hammering against the shutters as the waves crash against the distant shore? Have you just placed a nice album on the turntable, perhaps some mellow beach house or some 1950s jazz? Are you wearing both your favorite slippers and your oldest and dearest woolen sweater? Is the aroma of the stew that is faintly bubbling on the stove wafting throughout the house? Are you at peace and trouble free with nothing to do on the coming weekend?

Then, dear friends, it is time for the hawt chicks & links.

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You don’t go to work to make friends.

This is going to be a relatively short post as I don’t need that many words to get across my point. However, do not be misled by its brevity; I consider this to be a very useful and thus important topic for those who need to hear it. Squarely in my sights would be those of the Millennial generation, although Gen Y could do with a good dose of this reality as well.

Over the years I have had many workplace related conversations where colleagues would voice complaints about someone else in the workplace. Perhaps they rub them slightly the wrong way, but whatever the reason the motivation is the same – they don’t particularly like a certain colleague as an individual. The complaint has nothing to do with the skills or ability level of the other person, it is simply a personality clash.

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